E-mail Address:

 Partners Name & Age: Thusitha / 31

 Birthday: 1971 07 11

 Any Children? If So Names & Ages: No

 State Or Country If Out Of US: Sri Lannka

 Due Date: 20th May 2003

 If You Have Previous Children Any Problems During Your Pregnancies:

 If You Have Previous Children What Type Of Delivery Did You Have Including Induction:

 How Far Along Were You When You Found Out You Were Pregnant: 3 weeks

 When Did You Feel The First Kick/Movement:  12th December 2002

 When Did You Hear The First Heart Beat: 12 weeks

 Are You Having A Boy Or A Girl: No idea

Any Problems During This Pregnancy: Hypertension

 Other Things You’d Like Members To Know About You Or Your Pregnancy: