First off let me congratulate you on the wonderful news!!!!!!!.




 Now some visiting this page may be feeling immense joy because this is a baby that is the best thing to come into your life whether not planned or spending years trying to conceive with infertility issues. Others may feel more scared than anything else at finding out the news because it was something they hadn’t planned in life, especially those who are under 18 or those who have gone through the trauma of a rape resulting in pregnancy. The one thing I want to make very clear is this web site and any help I can provide to you through e-mail is open to everyone no matter what your age, race, religion, country, or beliefs are and this includes pregnant teens.



Before you continue on to the rest of the web site first thing you need to do is go through a check list just to make sure you are pregnant and on the right track:-). Its very common for women to miss a period or have a late period and automatically think she is pregnant. I hate seeing the disappointed looks when they find out they aren’t:-( Believe it or not a lot of women who do find out they are pregnant by home test also don’t realize they need to see a OBGYN for prenatal exams. I know it sounds kind of hard to believe but when I became pregnant at 20 I had no idea until I was 3 months along that I needed to see a Dr. every month and I have later on found out from many that they thought the same as well.




1.Did you have a positive home pregnancy test?


2.If you didn’t use a home pregnancy test did you have a positive blood test by your OBGYN?


If you haven’t had either make sure you get either done. If you are 10 days past your period and still get negative home pregnancy tests make an appointment with your OBGYN. Its not uncommon for a pregnant woman to get multiple false negative pregnancy tests for at least 2 weeks after a period is to show. A blood test by your OBGYN is 100% correct and will be able to determine whether you are pregnant or are suffering a hormonal imbalance.


3.After confirming the above if you took a home pregnancy test make sure you have called your OB/GYN to notify them of the positive test. The nurse will give you a rough estimate of when your due date is by when the first date of your last period was. She will also schedule an appointment for your first prenatal and possible ultrasound when you are 10 weeks along. The ultrasound will just confirm your due date. Your OB’s nurse should also prescribe prenatal vitamins over the phone for you to pick up, have the pharmacy’s number ready to give them as well.


For those who do not have insurance or wish to confirm your pregnancy without others knowing and having it be confidential the best thing to do is go to your local Planned Parenthood. They will do a blood test to confirm whether you are pregnant or not and if you are will give you a rough estimate of a due date and prescribe prenatal vitamins. If you are under the age of 18, heck or even above the age of 18 what ever goes on behind their doors is between you and them, parents will not be called and you will get their oath on that.


If you do not have insurance and find out you are pregnant go to the section on this site marked If You Do Not Have Insurance. By law expecting women no matter what age are covered by Medicaid.:-)




If you’ve covered everything above the next best step is to read the First Trimester section on this site:-) Its not only personal information from my pregnancies but from other women’s pregnancies as well. I basically created each monthly web site as I was going through it with my second pregnancy so I wouldn’t leave anything out.:-)


Now each pregnancy is different in some small way or another. You may have pretty much a hassle free pregnancy or you may run into a few problems here and there but no matter what you go through do know that you always have someone on this site to talk to and ask questions no matter how embarrassing, whether its me or someone in the pregnancy support group, and you’ll always have someone who cares about you here. I know it may sound kind of strange, we don’t know each other but in all truth from personal experience I know that going through a pregnancy without at least having one woman to confide in and understand what you’re going through can be at times devastating. Talking to other women who understood my pains and my joys and could give me tips along the way helped me get through the toughest 9 months especially with my first pregnancy were I was very young and the father of my child was away at college for the first 6 months of my pregnancy.


If at anytime you would like to update visitors to this web site of your pregnancy, including prenatal appointments and ultrasounds e-mail me and I’ll post it up on a special section of the web site. Who knows you if you’d care to publish your e-mail address on the site you may get support responses from other expecting moms. Or if you’d like just write out a little summery of how your pregnancy is going so far from your conception process until now. You wouldn’t believe how helpful pregnancy stories can be to other expecting women. It provides a great deal of information on what they can expect as well:-) Once baby is delivered feel free to sign the graduation book and write out a summery of how your labor went, that can also immensely help other expecting women as well. Not to mention expecting moms and new moms always love to swap stories :-)


May the rest of your Nine months be as comfortable as possible,

may the progesterone flow to keep your pregnancy going,

may your baby be healthy,

may you continue to be healthy through your pregnancy and

may your labor be easy and your delivery be swift



 For just one on one support, someone to talk to who cares, someone who can find answers to your questions and be there as a shoulder to cry on and someone to share the joy with, a place to submit your stories and ultrasounds e-mail Carolyn (Motherstobe)