SENDING E-MAIL: E-mailing the entire group at once is pretty simple, all you need to do is click on the e-mail icon on the right side of the page underneath the Welcome sign. By clicking on the e-mail icon I should open your e-mail provider whether you use outlook program, msn, hotmail, yahoo, AOL ect and a blank e-mail should open up with everyoneís e-mail address already placed in the To: area of the e-mail and a subject title but you can change the subject title if youíd like. All you need to do is type out your e-mail and click on send. That one e-mail will be sent to everyone in the group.


RECEIVE E-MAIL: If you receive a e-mail from a group member that lists multiple e-mail addresses in the To: area and not just your e-mail address then that one e-mail was sent to the entire group as well.


REPLYING TO E-MAIL: If you would like to reply to a e-mail in which everyone in the group can read your response just click on REPLY TO ALL. Reply To All will send your response to everyone in the group. If youíd like to reply to someoneís e-mail personally without others reading it all you need to do is hit reply.




When it comes to this support group and all the other support groups I run there really are no rules on what you can and canít talk about with the entire group as long as you respect and treat others as  you would like to be respected and treated. Its basically what ever you feel comfortable talking about. At the same time donít be afraid to open up to others and let them know a little about you. Just like the rules of the internet its ok to tell people what state you live in or country and what area you may live in as long as you keep safe about telling your last name (which is really up to you), and donít give out addresses or phone numbers unless you feel comfortable and safe releasing this type of information. I encourage you to share your joys and sorrows about daily life. You donít need to send a e-mail to the group everyday unless you want to but once every week or two so we know you are still alive and ok would be great.


For more on what to talk about and how to talk to others go to How Do You Talk To People You Donít Know & What To Talk About.