Fift h Month

19-22 weeks

Can you believe it, you're pretty much half way through your pregnancy! Now is as good of a time as any to treat you and your husband to a special night out. Go out to dinner at a nice place and rent a movie for after dinner. It'll be a time you'll cherish after the baby is born.


The wonderful feeling of pregnancy should now be sinking in. If you haven't felt baby move yet you should soon. If this isn't your first pregnancy by the end of this month you'll be able to wear maternity clothes and actually look pregnant. If you haven't noticed by now your hair might be growing longer than normal which is all thanks to prenatal vitamins. Even though you may not look pregnant and are just now starting to feel pregnant enjoy this time.


As I side note I just wanted to say that because a symptom from last month's web page such as leg cramps, is not listed again on this page does not mean that that perticular symptom will not occur or will go away. I mainly have chosen not to list most symptoms twice or three times if they occur through the rest of the pregnancy due to the need for space to list new symptoms and comments plus it'll most likely bore people to read the same comments over and over again:-). Most symptoms during each trimester, after the first trimester, can carry on or start each month until baby is born.

For tips on how to cure or comfort any of these symptoms check out :

Symptoms To Expect During The Second Trimester & Tips To Help Make This Trimester More Comfortable.


You may not be feeling the full effects of forgetfulness but as your pregnancy grows so will your forgetfulness. I think of it as all due to the changing around you and your mind is constantly thinking about it. Take things in stride and try not to get upset if you find you forget what your hubby told you about something important the previous day. It happens to us all, you are not alone:).

Body Limits

Keep listening to what your body is telling you. If you start having pains of any kind, sit down for a while and take it easy. Don't try to be a superwoman and ignore signs your body is giving you, it only makes things worse.

Lower Abdominal Pains

If you start to feel lower abdominal pains that feel kind of like cramps, don't be alarmed. By the fourth and fifth month your stomach is starting to stretch so it can hold baby. The pain you are feeling is just muscles stretching. If the pain gets to be unbearable then its time to call your doctor.

Leg Cramps

Leg cramps can be a huge pain in pregnancy. They are usually caused by standing too much and the pressure and weight on your legs.

Mild Swelling Of Ankles And Feet

These two are also caused by standing too much or from heat. Always talk to your doctor at your next visit if you encounter either.


Backaches while pregnant are never a fun thing to have. Unfortunately as your pregnancy progresses the backaches can get worse. These backaches are usually caused by the pressure on your back from not standing up straight and also from the pressure of your growing tummy.


At some point in time during your pregnancy, especially after eating a big meal, you'll start to feel like you stomach is bigger than it actually is and you feel like you are in your ninth month. This feeling does go away after a hour or so and is quit normal. Fortunately this only happens once in a while and usually after eating big meals but its something that lasts through pregnancy.

Faintness Or Dizziness

Dizziness is very common during pregnancy and is often caused by the sudden shift in blood movement which can for a short time deny your body the blood flow it needs. Its basically exactly what happens when you get blood drawn at the doctor's office. This occurrence in no way harms your baby. For tips on how to "cure" this and even prevent it from happening visit Symptoms To Expect During The Second Trimester & Tips To Help Make This Trimester More Comfortable.

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums after you brush your teeth is very common during pregnancy and is also do to a greater blood supply.

Nasal Congestion And Nose Bleeds

Unfortunately nasal congestion and nose bleeds are also due to a greater blood supply. You may or may not run across either of these two problems. With my first pregnancy I had no problems at all but with my second pregnancy I had a few stuffy noses but woke up almost every morning from my fourth month until my sixth month with a nose bleed. If you run into either of these problems go to Symptoms To Expect During The Second Trimester & Tips To Help Make This Trimester More Comfortable, for relief.

Increase In Appetite Or Hearty Appetite

Usually by the end of the fifth month most women, even those who have gone through the first few months of morning sickness, start to get a bigger appetite. This is a great time to talk to your doctor about your eating habits. Most will suggest that you stick to six small meals a day. I personally recommend that you try to stick to the four food groups as much as possible but also treat yourself to dessert once every day and fast food or/and a night out to dinner at least once a week. Trust me sticking to this regiment pays off after baby is born and you're body will thank you for it. For more information on pregnancy diet check out Essentials In A Healthy Pregnancy.

Trouble With Sex

During your pregnancy you may or may not have problems with sexual relationship with your partner. Some women may have problems at this time in pregnancy having a orgasm and some might actually feel that their sexual experience is heightened. Both can be due to a larger blood supply to the vaginal area. With some women this causes problems and with others it helps.

Fetal Movement

By the end of this month you should be able to feel a little bit of fetal movement called "quickening". It feels more like a slight flutter in your stomach than anything else. As the weeks go by you'll feel the flutter more often and the feeling will get stronger as your baby grows. If you haven't felt your baby move by the 21st week then you need to notify your doctor.

Acceptance Of Pregnancy

Now that you are in your fifth month and are starting to feel more and more pregnant. Most women at this time start to feel comfortable with their pregnancy and are able to accept the wonderful changes with open arms.

Worrying About Motherhood

Even though you've accepted the idea of pregnancy, it is common for a lot of women at this stage to start worrying about whether or not they will be a good mother, especially if this is your first baby. Thinking about whether or not you're going to be a good mother is actually a very healthy reaction. It shows that you care about your child's upbringing and well being. For tips on how to concur this problem go to Symptoms To Expect During The Second Trimester & Tips To Make The Trimester More Comfortable.

Sleeping Possitions

As your stomach grows sleeping comfortably may get very difficult. Those who sleep on their stomach or on their back may have even more problems. Don't worry there are ways to have a comfortable nights sleep. Go to
Symptoms To Expect During The Second Trimester & Tips To Make The Trimester More Comfortable for tips.

Fast Growing Hair

Have you noticed your hair or even your nails are growing at a faster rate that you're use to? This is all thanks to the nutrients and vitamins in your prenatal vitamins. I haven't heard of what exactly in the vitamins causes your hair to grow but I cherish it while I can:)

Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are very important to do while you are pregnant. They not only keep your pelvic area fit for when baby is born but they also help with a smoother delivery and help stop leaking bladder which may become a problem later on in the trimester. Here are instructions to do Kegels.

Basic Position: Stand up straight with your feet slightly apart and your knees slightly bent. Gradually tense your muscles around your vaginal area and your anal area. A better description on how to do it is pretend you're about ready to pass gas or you feel like you need to pee. Usually to prevent from doing both you tighten your muscles in the lower are. Do that for eight to ten seconds and gradually let go. Do these at least 25-30 times a day.


Travel is usually safe through pregnancy but both doctors and airports advise you not travel by plane after the third month or at least this is what I was told when I wanted to fly during my first pregnancy. If you insist on flying talk to your doctor. He/she may have a different perspective. If you plan to travel a long distance by car make sure someone else is driving and you stop every hour or so to get up and walk around. By keeping your legs bent for a long period of time you are restricting blood flow which can cause a serious problems. When traveling you also need to pack the necessities. Pack snacks, juice, water, a small pillow if your lower back starts to hurt, "What To Expect When You're Expecting" for those times when you need a quick answer, and a list of medical numbers. When traveling wear lose, comfy clothes and shoes. Always wear a seat belt and place the lower part of the belt below your stomach and along your pelvis. Make absolutely sure that you empty your bladder frequently. A full bladder may cause contractions.

A Few F.A.Q.


Am I Growing?

By the fifth month, ever week or every few weeks you should start to notice your stomach growing ever so slightly. Now is a great time to treat yourself and go out and by maternity clothes. Don't buy too much though, keep in mind that they can become expensive and you'll only be wearing them for a few months. Make sure that while you are shopping that you pick up at least three nursing bras, and underwear that are a size larger than normal. If you plan on breast feeding now is the best time to search for front opening nightgowns. For tips on shopping for great and inexpensive maternity clothes check out: Web pages, shopping tips, free stuff, magazines, and product information. Soon to show up Advice On Maternity Clothes.


As I said above now is a great time to go maternity shopping. The fifth month is also a time when you should start searching through your pregnancy books and talking to your doctor about exercise. I do admit that as I write this I am beginning my eighth month and I still haven't started typical exercises yet but that's mainly because I feel that taking care of a five person house hold, climbing stairs 15 times a day and chasing after a two year old has been a work out for me. Now that the weather is getting warmer I do plan on starting to work out. Even though the exercises in the books look moderate, they are a great start that can help your pregnancy and especially birth.

Hopefully by the end of this month you have gone in for your 20week ultrasound and found out the gender of your baby. From a personal experience I can tell you that no feeling can describe or be compared to finding out whether you are having a boy or a girl. No matter how excited you may feel I'm sorry to say now is defiantly not a good time to start going baby shopping. I say this because if this is your first baby, chances are by your seventh or eighth month a family member or the church you attend will throw you a baby shower. I've found that with most baby showers you pretty much get everything that you need there and there is no point baby shopping until after the shower. If this is your second child then chances are if you go shopping for baby, everything will sit in storage or a room for months and you'll either end up getting depressed because you can't use any of the baby things or later on in your pregnancy you'll find something you really like but realize you can't get it because you already have gone baby shopping. It's best to wait until the end of the seventh, beginning of the eighth month to go baby shopping and defiantly wait until after the baby shower.

What You Should Expect This Prenatal Visit


Urinalysis screening: You basically get this every time you go in for a appointment. All you need to do is pee in a cup provided by the office. If you're like me and have trouble going to the bathroom in public places, I find the easiest way to provide a specimen is to take a pee cup with a top home with me and pee at home in the cup a hour or less before my appointment.

Weight and Blood Pressure:Your weight and blood pressure will be taken at every appointment.

Fetal Heartbeat: You will be asked to lay on your back on the exam table, pull your pants down to your hips and raise your shirt. The nurse will squirt a gel like substance on your stomach and what looks like a little microphone hooked up to a box over your lower stomach. This device picks up the baby's heart beat kind of like a ultrasonic microphone.

Checking The Size Of The Uterus:A lot of doctors like to start checking the size of the uterus and how it is growing by the third month. The doctor will ask you to lower your pants to your hips and he/she will do a external palpitation and just lightly push around your lower abdomen a little to feel the size of the uterus is.

Checking The Height Of The Uterus: By now your doctor should pull out what looks like a measuring tape and measure you from your pelvic bone to the top of your stomach. Instead of numbers on the measuring tape, this tape has weeks and the tape will measure how many weeks along you are showing.

Checking Hands And Feet For Swelling: Most pregnant women at some point in their pregnancy tend to retain water which can cause the swelling of hands and feed known as Edema. This is quit normal especially in warm weather but doctors like to check mainly because if it happens too often it maybe a sign of preeclampsia which from what I understand doesn't happen to often. Preeclampsia can cause problems with the pregnancy but is something that can be easily caught early and treated.


What To Bring With You To Your Appointment

If you have any questions or concerns about your pregnancy, I find it best to write them down on a piece of paper as soon as you think of one and bring the paper in with you at your next appointment so you can talk them over with your doctor. Don't be concerned if you feel like you are asking too many questions or you feel your questions are embarrassing or odd. Your doctor has had many patients and I'm sure has heard them all. Besides your doctor is there to help you as much as possible and make you feel as comfortable as possible about your pregnancy. That's a big part of their job.

What Should Be Covered At This Appointment

When your doctor comes in to see you he/she should ask you how you feel. He/she should discuss your 20 week ultrasound. 24 to 28 weeks is also the time to get a Glucola (Glucose) test done. A Glucose test is when you drink a sugary sweet orange soda provided by your doctor and within a hour you have your blood drawn at the hospital lab. Each doctor does the test differently. Some doctors will give you the "orange soda" at this visit, he/she will make an appointment for the lab and ask you to drink the soda a hour before you go into the lab. Other doctors will have you call in before you plan on coming in for the test, you pick up your file to give to the lab technician. Your blood is drawn in the lab and then you are given the orange soda to drink. You wait a hour in the lab and your blood is drawn again. If you are someone who hates having their blood drawn and passes out easily, check out Symptoms To Expect During The Second Trimester & Tips To Make The Trimester More Comfortable for tips on how to battle the test. This test is done to check your blood sugar level and test for what is called gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes is basically like regular diabetes were your body is having a hard time processing sugar but gestational diabetes goes away after baby is born and can be treated with a strict diet.

Your doctor should also discuss any previous problems you have encountered so far such as leg cramps and see if anything is helping you. This is also a good time to discuss any new problems or concerns about your pregnancy and find out what can help you.

If you feel you have run into a major problem with your pregnancy, do not wait until your next appointment to address that problem, call your doctor's office as soon as possible. Your doctor's office should have a exchange number you can call when your doctor's office is not open.

What Does My Baby Look Like Now?

Some time during or at least by the end of this month your baby will measure eight to ten inches (size of a table knife to the size of a roll of paper towels) and he/she will weigh close to a pound. At this time your baby's hair is starting to grow and he/she is covered with a thin layer of a white substance called vernix which protects him/her from the amniotic fluid. If you still have yet to feel your baby move make sure you notify your doctor.

These three pictures were taken at two different twenty week ultrasounds. The picture ontop is one of my first child. If you look closely you can see her eyes, nose mouth, a ear, her hand, her arm and her stomach. The shape that looks like a string of pearls in the middle of her body is her spine.

These two pictures were taken at my second child's twenty week ultrasound. In the left picture if you look closely you can see the lower part of his body which shows both legs, the right leg is kind of lifted and bent, you can sort of see his knee bone. Below his knee bone is his rear end and you can slightly see his spine. The right picture shows his upper body were you can see his head,eye sockets, mouth and right shoulder. If its hard to tell what is what you need not worry, the ultrasound tech will go over with you what your pictures show of your baby.


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