With recent economic troubles and thousands being laid off and jobless, a lot of women are running into times were a unplanned pregnancy occurs but there is no insurance to cover medical bills or during pregnancy either them or a significant other ends up being laid off and there is little to no insurance to cover the medical bills for prenatal check ups. The good news is by law if you are pregnant but have no medical insurance whether you or your significant other has a job or not, you qualify for Medicaid.


If you have no insurance but you or your husband works this is how many people you would have to have in your family (husband,wife and kids total) and how much you would have to be making per month to qualify:


If you are just a family of 2 you need to be making a maximum of $2,985 a month


If you are a family of 3 you need to be making a maximum of $3,755 a month


If you are a family of 4 you need to be making a maximum of $4,525 a month


If you are a family of 5 you need to be making a maximum of $5,295 a month


If you are living with family members such as parents or inlaws do not include them just like you would not include them on your taxes.


The plan mentioned above is called Healthcare USA which is a branch of Medicaid that covers expecting women and children. If you are pregnant, have children but do not have insurance you, your husband and children can be covered under Healthcare USA. This program is completely free to you and your family. You pay very little to no cost at all and defiantly no cost for prenatal care, prenatal medications such as prenatal vitamins that are prescribed, your delivery and hospital stay will be covered. You and baby will be covered until you become insured and even then if you do become insured but still make less than the maximum income you can use Medicaid as a secondary insurance that will cover what your primary insurance does not cover. If you have any questions or would like to know for sure if you qualify in your area call 1-800-566-6444. If the automated service that greets you at first asks you to have a Medicaid card number ready donít worry about it, just continue on and let them know that you are seeking information.



A lot of you are probably asking yourselves how I can know so much about this insurance. I myself had to sign up for Healthcare USA when I became pregnant with my first child. At the time neither I nor my fiancť had a job so I qualified. Once I got the note to pass along to Medicaid from my OB saying that I was in fact pregnant, Healthcare USA covered the visit I made to my OB before to confirm my pregnancy and covered everything after that as well. I didnít have to pay a dime. The only thing I had to pay for through out my entire pregnancy was $80 for a private room at the hospital after I delivered but other than that insurance will cover everything including a shared room if you donít want a private room after you deliver. Healthcare USA also covers pregnant teens as well. Nov 2003 my husband became one of those victims of layoffs and I found out that even with 4 people including two children we qualified for Healthcare USA once again. During that time we found out my son is severely deaf and Healthcare USA has covered all his medical needs including hearing aids, weíve yet again not had to pay a dime. My husband does have a new job now but because he still makes under the maximum for 4 people we still qualify and Healthcare USA covers everything our primary insurance does not cover.