Iím hoping to make this support group unlike any other you usually see out there by providing members not only information but a sense of security so they know they have some place they belong, feel welcomed and also feel cared about. The reason why I started the Motherstobe support groups a few years ago is because I remember with my first child going through pregnancy, birth and the first years of parenting feeling so alone. I had no friends or family members who either could relate to what I was going through both joyful and stressful or cared much about relating to what I was going through. I felt so alone and what made me think of the web sites and support groups all started when I was pregnant and ran into so many scary problems but either couldnít get ahold of my OBGYN or couldnít find a answer in the books. I had and often thought I wish I knew someone I could talk to who knew what I was going through and who could give me support and possibly a answer. I have found one of the biggest problems in life is when it comes to medical issues Dr.ís only have so much time on their hands to see each patient and they either donít have time to explain what youíre going to go through whether with pregnancy or raising your child, or they often forget the important things you should know. Most Dr.ís out there infact expect a patient or parent to do their research, read the books that are out there and know what to expect. Unfortunately Iíve found most books that are out there are medical based and youíd have to have a MD in order to understand what the heck they are talking about.


Shortly after I became pregnant with my second child I was invited to a pregnancy/mommies e-mail support group. It was small with only 10 people but at least once a week Iíd get a e-mail from one or more of the members just letting everyone know what was going on, any funny little things that happened during her pregnancy and especially updates on check ups. I can honestly felt being in that group those women understood what I was going through. Often they were there to help easy my fears with their experience, they were there for the most scariest times and the happiest times. Almost 3 years after I joined that support group I am still with them and I still feel like itís a place I belong, a place were someone cares about me and my kids and a place were I can vent if Iíve had a bad day and feel better when I get a e-mail knowing others understand exactly what Iím going through, they still ease my fears and are there for me through my happiest times. That type of support is something I want to pass on to others which is why I have created these support groups. I have created these support groups as a place where you can ask questions, vent about daily life, share your joys, even if its not related to the support group subject. Also a place were you can relate to what others are going through, find information both from the site and from otherís personal experiences, feel comfortable talking with others and have that sense were you feel someone cares about you in some way and you are not judged by the color of skin, your age, your religion or where you live.  Here everyone is welcomed with open arms and you are more than welcome to invite others to join as well (just let me know if you do invite someone so I can add their e-mail) :-)



The Pregnancy and Beyond support group has been open since October of 2001 and believe or not the support group has helped many women feel comfortable and not alone about what they are going through by providing information that eases the stress of the situation they are concerned about or just being there to listen and as a friend. You wouldnít believe how many women Iíve talked to who were terrified of what was going to happen during their pregnancy, during delivery and taking care of a baby. By reassuring them with what I have been through and providing information for their pregnancy, what to look for to detect labor, what to do to make their pregnancy more comfortable and what to expect after baby is born, more women have come back to tell me after the delivery of their little ones that the group helped them immensely and felt they would have been a nervous wreck if they didn't have anyone to talk to who know what they were going through and what to look for ahead in their pregnancy, especially those who come across something that is hard to understand in the books out there or information can't seem to be found easily, especially when it comes to chromosome disorders or Strep B.

Iím not saying the group is some form of miracle worker or here to replace your OB/GYN but I do believe that with the support of others picking you up and making you want to keep going as well as me providing any information you may need with what you are going through (which I am willing to do for everyone, all you need to do is let me know what youíre looking for ) it helps a great deal with giving a woman faith that she will get get through her pregnancy with the most wonderful reward along with others cheering her on and keeping her in their prayers.


I know whats been said above may sound too good to be true but I can honestly tell you it is:-) The reason why I am providing all that is above, in the group and on the site is because as my family and my late grandmother have told me ever since I was young, I am a very kind, gentle and compassionate person. Iím the type who cares about those I donít even know when they are going through a hard time, especially those who are going through a difficult task I have been through myself. To be honest it brings me great fulfillment out of life to know I am able to help make someoneís life easier by providing what information and resources I can which is also why being a OB/GYN nurse is like a dream job for me.


In the mean time as Iíve said in many areas for the support group before. Anytime you have a question, are looking for information or a specific answer send me a e-mail. With being a nursing student I have access to medical books and Iíve signed up with a OBGYN web site that sends out daily newsletters on medical updates dealing with pregnancy and birth.