Passing Time Until Delivery

From the time your epidural is given until the time you deliver is still at least six to ten hours away. The best thing you can do to pass the time is get as much rest as possible. Nurses should come to check on you every hour and check your cervix at least every hour if not every two hours. If you have a concern or question never be afraid to call for your nurse. In some cases waiting may cause problems later on. If you can't sleep I have found watching t.v. to be a great way to pass the time along with playing cards, reading and even talking over baby names. When friends and relatives come to visit only a few are allowed in your room at one time and unfortunately in most hospitals children under 10 years old are not allowed to come into your room to see you mainly because of a threat that a young child may be ill because children are known to pass on and have simple contagious illnesses easily because they are around thousands of other children attending school. Personally I feel its unfair because adults are also around the same amount of adults at work, some who maybe ill. If the child is yours there maybe an exception. When friends and family are visiting there is a waiting room they can stay in with couches, chairs, some with a t.v. and some may have vending machines.

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