Your personal picture is a picture of your choice that will be displayed  to the left under your screen name anytime you post a message.

 1.After reaching the message board click on USER CP next to Welcome To Our Newest Member.

 2.Once you reach the next page click on the button to your left that says Avatar Gallery.

 3.The next page youíll be sent to has a number of links such as Animals, People, Fantasy. Click on each link, take a look at the pictures each link has to offer.

 4. Once you have chosen a picture you would like next to your screen name click on COPY URL below your chosen picture.

 5. Once you do that click on your BACK button on your web browser until you get back to the message board again and back into the USER CP area.

 6. Click on EDIT SETTINGs button to the left of your screen.

 7. On the next page you are sent to click your cursor into the PERSONAL PICTURE URL box and put your fingers on CTRL V on your keyboard. That will past the URL you copied earlier of your picture into that box.

 8. When you are done pasting just click on save changes at the bottom





Do exactly the same as above until #7, Instead of putting your cursor in the PERSONAL PICTURE URL box, put your cursor into the PERSONAL ICON URL and continue with the rest of #7 above and #8.

 Unfortunately from what Iíve seen the message board will only allow you to add pictures in your profile from Avatar Gallery but you can add pictures to your posts.