Personal messages or also known as PM on the message board is kind of like a cross between instant messaging and e-mail. If you want to send a personal message:



  1. Either go to MEMBERLIST at the very top of the message board. Find the personís screen name in which youíd like to message and to the left of the personís screen name is their screen name with a PM next to it. Click on the screen name with a PM



  1. Once you do that youíll automatically be sent to a page that looks almost like a e-mail set up. Type out your message along with the subject heading and click SUBMIT at the bottom when you are done.


  1. Once either you or the person you sent the message to, receives a personal message youíll see a message above the Welcome our newest member notifying you that you have a personal message or PM. Just click on that link and youíll automatically be sent to your inbox which shows any messages you may have in the past and just like e-mail all you need to do is click on your current message to read it.


4. You can go back to your PM inbox by going to USERCP and clicking on PM Inbox on the left.