E-mail the entire group with just one click. You no longer need to ad everyone to your e-mail address book in order to send the group e-mails. All you need to do is come to this site, click on e-mail, write out your e-mail, hit send and its sent to the entire group. I'll be adding and subtracting members when we get new members and other members leave so there is no need to worry about whether the group e-mail addys are up to date. You can also change the subject of the e-mail if you'd like:-) Even if you might think others wouldn't be interested in what you have to say or updates on your pregnancy I, on the other hand would love to know whats going on with you and how things are going. When I was pregnant with my second child I was apart of a pregnancy support group and we loved the fact that we could let others know if the baby was starting to kick or was moving around and knowing others out there cared about how I was doing. Even though I am no longer pregnant I am still one who looks forward to hearing about how other women's pregnancies are progressing, relating with my own personal experiences, being there as a good friend and to be there when ever help is needed.:-)

Click here to get to the Pregnancy area of the message board.  You can post on the board without having to register. How To Use The Support Group Message Board will help you if you'd like to register as well as the other options you can use on the board.

Chats are Fridays 3pm-4:30pm Eastern Time (New York Time) Unfortunately you do need to register with the message board in order to use this feature but registration is free and your e-mail address is not sold to others like spam mail providers.

This is a area where you can add your most recent ultrasounds or pregnancy pictures. Trust me when you're pregnant most other pregnant women are curious about what your baby looks like inutero and how you look so they know what to expect for the future:-)

Let everyone know when your next Dr.'s appointment is and how the last appointment went. Heck even by chance other members of the group may not care to know, I certainly do care and would love to know your pregnancy updates:-)

Check back twice a month for any new members and due dates

No matter how personal your question may be never feel embarrassed to use this feature. Your question is private, confidential and 95% of the time your question will be answered. Remember its always good to ask a question than be left in the dark:-)

I personally know what its like even with a second pregnancy to be nervous about when to know if I'm in labor. After one back labor and a induction I know exactly what to look for now and have helped others determine whether they are in labor or experiencing braxton hicks contractions:-)

Feel free to read daily updates on my daily life, what its like to be a stay at home mom of a 4 yr old girl and a hearing impaired 22 month old boy, a house wife, nursing student & the person who creates these web pages as well as updates on pages and new additions to sites:-) I doubt you'll be bored and may even relate to what I post:-)