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Are you searching for other women to talk to who are also pregnant, even close to the same month as you? Look no further you have come to the right place.:-) The Motherstobe Pregnancy & Beyond Support Group offers a warm friendly place where members are welcomed with open arms.  It is a place where you are encouraged to talk to the group about the process you are going through and what difficulties you are experiencing;  not only in hopes to find someone who is going through a similar process, but also in hopes that most, if not all your questions can be answered so you can have a healthy and comfortable pregnancy. This group is open to women of all ages including teens. It is a nonjudgmental group where I also encourage members to e-mail the group even when it doesnít have to with pregnancy, example: if a member has a bad day and just wants to vent or a member has a great day and wants to spread the joy.:-) Chances are if youíre going through other problems with life someone in the group has gone through them as well and can be there for support and answers.:-)    We're here to keep you from giving up on a comfortable pregnancy and help you look more foward and comfortable with the idea of having a new little one. Pregnancy can be a extremely stressful process especially when you find out you have a problematic pregnancy.  Feeling hopeless and depressed because of a problematic pregnancy can be a very convincing feeling during this process but with friends, especially those who know what you're going through, you can get through this.

 One lady who was previously in our group was pregnant with her 3rd child and in her early 30's. She had never had a problematic pregnancy before but she ended up not finding out she was pregnant until she was 8 weeks along and found out only after going to her Dr. over a ovarian cyst problem. Later on in her pregnancy her 20 week ultrasound showed that her son had what is called T18 which is a chromosomal problem and the Dr.s didn't expect the baby to live past a few days after birth. Wendy was crushed and for weeks relied on support from me as well as other support group members to get her through this rough time. She was later on encouraged to do a amniocentesis which would be more accurate than a ultrasound about whether a problem was really there. Luckily she took the amnio and her results came back negative for T18 and that her son was as healthy as can be. That wasn't the end though of her problems. During her pregnancy she also found she had gestational diabetes but she ended up having a normal delivery and she is now in our Parents Of Infants group with her beautiful baby boy.:-)

Besides what is listed above the support group also offers its very own Support Group Web Site specially made to make communication and finding information quick and easy which includes what to expect each month during your pregnancy, dealing with pregnancy all 4 seasons, being pregnant while still being a parent, being a pregnant teen, common medical problems during pregnancy, when does labor start, what signs to look for that indicate labor, what to expect when you're in labor and so much more.  Members have a choice of either e-mailing the group with one quick click of a button on the web site or using the message board which the web site has quick and easy step by step instructions on how to use the board and its extras. Here is what the web site looks like  This isnít the exact site the members use but a replica, the only difference is the buttons donít lead anywhere on the sample site.

Coming Soon to the Support Group Site youíll be able to find your due date if you aren't sure yet.

 My main goal for this support group is for each member to have a healthy, happy and comfortable pregnancy as well as very little fears towards what to expect when you're in labor, deliver and being a new mommy.

Once you join the support group it is completely up to you what you get out of it. What I mean by that is it is up to you whether you would like to make friends with members or keep your distance and just ask questions. Those who do find friends in this group also find that their friendships donít end once one friend delivers. When a member has her little one she will automatically graduate to the Parents of Infants Birth -1 yr Support Group. After her little one turns 1 year old she will graduate to the Toddler Time Parents of Toddlers 1-4yrs  Support group. You also have the choice to join the Stay At Home Parents Group at any time as well even if you aren't a mom yet but plan on being a stay at home mom:-).

Anytime you wish to leave any of the groups all you need to do is send a e-mail with unsubscribe in the title. You are more than welcome to come back at anytime as wellJ

As of April 2003 we have 9 members. I can honestly say though that unfortunately the support group has become very quiet:-(  Right now were looking for members who are interested in helping to jump start the group by getting conversations started or are at least willing to send out a e-mail or reply to a e-mail at least once every other week just so we know you're still alive and ok:-) So far with the group only 2 seem to respond to e-mails, the rest we don't know if they're still alive lol. You'll know you're signed up with the group once you've received a welcome e-mail from :-) We are really looking forward to getting to know you and help out as much as possible:-)


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