Mothers To Be: Pregnancy& Beyond Support Group

Would you like to talk to others who are pregnant? Mothers To Be Pregnancy & Beyond Support Group is a group were you can talk to others who are pregnant,learn from others, get tips and possibly even become friends. I have found from experience that web site message boards such as BabyCenter is a wonder place to find support but one main problem most posters run into is their message getting lost amongst many others because thousands of people post messages on that board. I created the e-mail support group so that those who are pregnant can ask questions and talk to others without feel like he/she is being ignored or missplaced. I also encourage for everyone to talk about everyday life and vent about everyday life:-) Every month I e-mail you information about your perticular month of pregnancy including pregnancy symptoms to expect that month, what to expect when you go to a prenatal visit and even pictures of what your baby may look like.

If you would like to join this group please e-mail and you will be sent a welcome/instructional letter on how to send e-mail to others in the group. Since I run the TTC support group with the same e-mail address please let me know you want to be apart of the Pregnancy Support Group. You are not obligated to reply to any e-mails sent out. Even though the most e-mails sent in the group in one day is maybe 4 e-mails, it is recommended that you sign up with or if you do not wish to have alot of group e-mail sent to your personal e-mail address. The group is absolutly free:-)


As of June 24,2003 there are:

30 members



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