TUMS: Great helping get ride of morning sickness and a great source of calcium.

VIACTIVE: Soft calcium supplement chews with 500mg of calcium, vitamins D and K. They're kind of like tootsie rolls only square shapped and in different flavors such as milk chocolate, mochaccino or caramel. They taste really great.

ENSURE: Vitamin supplement drink. Great tasting if you add milk. I would personally only use Ensure if you are losing weight and not gaining and its ok with your doctor.

MEDELA BREAST PUMPS: If you are planning on breast feeding this is the best product on the market. I made the biggest mistake after I had my daughter. I couldn't find Medela locally and stuck with Evenflo. Unfortunately Evenflo was the worst product to use. It left my breasts sore and didn't bring out much milk. I even had a nurse help me and it still didn't work. Medela is strongly suggested by hospitals and if you can't find it locally or in a catalog, ask the breastfeeding specialist at the hospital before you take your baby home where you can find it. From what I understand you can also rent a unit.

JOHNSON & JOHNSON PRODUCTS: Any time I had to use bath or skin care products on my baby it has always been Johnson's because its hypoallergenic, smells great and doesn't bother the baby's eyes plus it does a great job on skin. Other Johnson products are great too including their healthflow bottle. I used it up until my daughter was off formula and she rarely ever got gas.

A&D OINTMENT: I've learned from experience that Destin Ointment is messy and doesn't work well at all for diaper rash. A&D isn't real messy and works like a charm. It can also be used as breast ointment for sore breasts from breastfeeding.

BRAUN THERMOSCAN: I would recommend this product to any parent. Before giving birth to my first child there was a contradiction of information about which product would be best to use for infant temperature taking. There was the underarm thermometer, the pacifier, the old fashion rectal and the ear thermometer. I found in most cases hospitals will go with the easy ear thermometer will all its patients, including infants and so the Braun was my choice. I've found it to be easy, convenient, accurate and safe for a child's delicate inner ear. Not to mention its great for the rest of the family.

SIMILAC AND ENFAMIL: When it comes to formula these two brands are ones I'd recommend the most. Before my first child was born what formula I was going to use was not on my mind at all. I was very intent on breastfeeding up until my daughter could eat solids and possibly after if it was necessary. I took a breastfeeding class, read as much information as I could find on the subject and I felt I was ready to breastfeed and nothing was going to change my mind. Unfortunately after my daughter was born I ran into problems. I was more than willing to do the work for breastfeeding but my daughter didn't want to work and latch on and suck at all and just got frustrated when she was hungry. After a week of trying I was forced to use formula. While pregnant I got many of free samples of Similac and Enfamil. We started off with Similac which worked very well but after three months or more my daughter started having problems digesting it and had gas. We switched to Enfamil and it worked like a charm. I would recommend both products to new parents because both are easy to measure and make and both offer the already made can for a easier more convenient use. Plus both offer nutrition that is as close to breastfeeding as you can get. Not to mention my daughter is two, has had few colds and no ear infections.

GERBER: When it comes to starting your child on solid foods you'll want the best for your baby. Thinking baby food was baby food, I started out with Heinz only to find my daughter didn't like it and it was tasteless. We switched to Gerber and my daughter loved it. Its natural and is just like taking real fruits and veggies and pureeing them.

PAMPERS: Good quality diapers is one of the most important items to buy for your bundle of joy. With my first child I had no clue which brand would be best. The hospital sent me home with a package of Pampers which seem to work great. There were no leaks and baby never had a diaper rash. When the first package was gone hubby went out and bought Huggies. Within a weak my daughter had diaper rash and you could always tell when she was wet because the diaper would be moist. I personally feel Pampers is one of the best diaper products on the market.