1.When you reach the page, underneath all of the announcements, on the left side next to Welcome there is REGISTER. Click on that link

 2. At the middle of the next page choose a user nick name. Something easy for you to remember, usually just your first name works well as far as remembering goes.

 3. Add your e-mail address and click yes to show your e-mail address. Usually e-mail addresses are how I and others are able to remember who is who if a first name isnít used as a screen name.

 4. Click on html as your Email type if you have AOL, MSN, YAHOO, use Outlook program or other programs that you can see e-mail web page base from.  You donít have to fill out the rest of the form if you donít want to, weíll get to that later.

 5.After youíve got that done type in the letters they ask you to type in and then click on register.

 6.Once you have that complete itíll send you to a page were it will either say sorry that user name already exists were you only have to click back your back button on your browser to fill out the form again only with a different name or itíll send you to a page that says at the bottom:


Registered sucessfully. Please check your e-mail for your password (sent to ). When you have it, log in by clicking the link below, or entering your User CP here.

7.Next step is check your e-mail account, usually within a few minutes you should get a e-mail from that says:


Thank you for registering!
Here is your username and password:
Username: "yourusername"
Password: "gwnLoGG"
You came from:
Usernames and passwords are case sensitive, and don't include the 
quotes. To change your password, log in, click "User CP", then "Edit 
Settings". Having problems logging in? View this thread:
8. Go back to the page you just came from that said you registered and click on Log In or click on the You Came From: link on your e-mail and click on Log In which is next to the Register link. 
9. Once you click on Log In a little Microsoft Window will pop up on the left side of the screen were you put in your user name you registered with as well as the password you were given in the e-mail. MAKE SURE YOUR PASSWORD MATCHES every lower case needs to be a lower case and every upper case needs to be upper case or else it wonít accept the password. The good news is that you donít have to keep that password. In another section Iíll show you how to change it.:-) 
10. After you log in youíll automatically have access to all the features of the board.