Second Month

6-9 weeks

Most women who have never been pregnant before usually find out in the beginning of the second month that they are pregnant. By this time many changes have occurred and your body is just now starting to produce symptoms of pregnancy, if you haven't already felt them by now. If you haven't read the first month of pregnancy yet, I strongly suggest you do before continuing on with the second month. It might give you a better insight on what to expect since many things from the first month passes on to the second and third month.


Right now you should be starting to feel more feelings than in the first month of pregnancy. If you haven't already read Symptoms To Expect The First Trimester, I strongly recommend you do. It gives helpful tips on coping with the symptoms and feelings of the first trimester, including morning sickness.




At this point in time you should start to feel like you're body is wearing down more. You may start to feel like you want to sleep longer hours and doing something that use to be simple and not as energy consuming may leave you feeling warn out. By the middle of the second month sorting dirt clothes would leave me warn out and I would occasionally have to take a few breaks.

Breast Changes

If you haven't noticed already, your breasts should be starting to change. Your breasts may be starting to get bigger and the area around the nipple called the areola, should be turning a darker color. If this is your first pregnancy then you may notice bumps starting to form around your nipple that is a part of breast feeding. If you haven't noticed any of these symptoms then don't worry, they show up later in the second month with some women than with others who see the changes early.


Frequent Urination

Don't be alarmed if the sudden urge to go to the bathroom every two hours has yet to happen. Usually the urge to pee more than often doesn't really start for some until the middle of the second month and even then you may not have to go to the bathroom every two hours but may just be going a little more often than usual. With both pregnancies I didn't start feeling the urge until the middle of the second month.

Nausea a.k.a. Morning Sickness

If you haven't started morning sickness you might be lucky and not get it at all. Each woman is different and each pregnancy is different. You may not get morning sickness now but you may later on in the pregnancy or you may not get it all together. I got morning sickness with both pregnancies. With my first I started when I was at 4 weeks and with my second I started at my second week. If you'd like to find out what causes morning sickness or would like helpful tips on subsiding or getting ride of morning sickness than check out the web page on
Symptoms To Expect The First Trimester & Tips To Make This Trimester More Comfortable.


Constipation at this time is very common and is caused by the pregnancy hormones being produced in your body. If it becomes a problem talk to your doctor about it.

Heartburn & Indigestion

Heartburn and indigestion is also common at this time and through out pregnancy. At this time it is caused by pregnancy hormones and can usually be helped by taking TUMS.


Even though most women don't like talking about bodily functions as much as some men do. Excessive flatulence, commonly known as gas, is very common through out pregnancy even though you may not experience it. Don't be embarrassed if you do experience excessive flatulence, others need to understand that at this time hormones are surging through your body including your digestive track and its just something that you can't control.


Headaches are also common during pregnancy which can be caused by your hormones or the excessive blood flow that starts during pregnancy that feeds to your baby. DO NOT take any pain relieving medication without consulting your doctor first.


During pregnancy the shift in hormones can account for a lot of things that happen to you physically. Acne is yet another thing the hormones may cause. DO NOT use any type of Acne medication to get ride of it. My ob, as well as many books such as "What To Expect When You're Expecting" note that acne medication has a history of causing miscarriages.

Exessive Saliva

The second month is usually when you start noticing you are producing excess saliva and maybe drooling on your pillow while you sleep. If this is your first pregnancy you may not notice it at all.


Are you starting to notice you're turning into a emotional mess? Some women go through out pregnancy with hardly a emotional outburst, others cry at just the sight of baby clothes, while some just have the PMS type feeling once in a while but not real often.

Feelings Of Joy, Fear Or Uncertainty

Feeling like you could jump for joy as soon as you get the positive sign on the pregnancy test is very normal. Feeling the exact opposite is also a very normal feeling especially if your pregnancy was not planned. The feeling of fear and uncertainty usually goes away as the pregnancy progresses and you feel more confident of what is going on. Don't feel alone when you think you're the only woman in the world who isn't sure she wants to have a baby and/or is terrified of what will happen once the baby is born. Having those feelings does not mean that you are going to be a bad mother or that you are a evil person for feeling that way at this time. It is a sign that you are most likely scared and unsure of what the future is going to hold for you. Many women, including myself, have had those feelings early in pregnancy and its nothing to be ashamed about. Once you start feeling like you are pregnant, you start feeling more and more confident about your pregnancy and the future and you actually feel that baby kick inside you, I guarantee your feelings will change. You will want nothing more than to hold that baby in your arms and you may get to a point were you don't understand how you could have felt like you didn't want the baby in the beginning. Even women who are on their second or more pregnancy get the same feelings.


Frustration Because You Feel Like You Aren't Pregnant

You may not feel frustrated now because the idea of being pregnant is still so new.
If you do feel frustrated that you don't feel the least bit pregnant, don't worry its very common and passes as the symptoms increase. With both of my pregnancies, after I was pregnant for a month it drove me crazy because I just couldn't believe it. I didn't look pregnant, I didn't really feel pregnant except for the morning sickness. It was very frustrating but trust me it does pass with time and by the time you hit the 5th month, 4th month if this is not your first, you'll start feeling very pregnant.

Trouble Sleeping

If you are having trouble sleeping that is most likely because of anxiety over your pregnancy. Even though you may not notice it, the back of your mind maybe running a mile a minute subconsciously over your anxiety about
how to tell others you are pregnant, what to do now that you are, what is pregnancy going to be like, how wonderful the idea of having a baby is and millions of other ideas and thoughts. The feeling is really no different than having other major changes in your life about to happen like buying a new car, buying a house, or getting married and your mind thinking nonstop about what to do. If you are having trouble sleeping DO NOT take any form of sleeping pill without consulting your doctor first.

A Few F.A.Q.


Am I Growing?

If this is not your first pregnancy, or you are extremely thin, than chances are by the middle or the end of the second month your clothes will start to get a little tight around the waist line. If this is so don't automatically go out and by maternity clothes. Even though you may have that urge to go shopping for the latest maternity wear, it'll still be at least another two to four months before maternity clothes will actually fit and look normal on you. Until then if you are a mainly stay at home type person, it is ok to go out and buy a few pairs of sweat pants and sweat shirts. If possible try to buy them a size too large so you can keep wearing them as you grow and make sure the pants have draw strings on them so you can loosen or tighten them when you need to.

Is It Safe To Have Sex While Pregnant?

Having sex is actually almost as safe while pregnant as it was before you got pregnant. Many women who are pregnant with their first child become very terrified that the baby might get hurt by your husband's penis or the baby can see everything that's going on. In some cases women find it too embarrassing to talk to their doctor about the subject. I can tell you from experience that there is no way your baby will even be close to your husband's penis nor will he/she be able to see it even in the last trimester. Your uterus is separated from your birth canal by a very strong mucus plug which holds very strong up until the last month of pregnancy when it starts to thin in order to prepare for birth. . Contractions during sex or after a orgasm is normal and nothing to be concerned about. The only thing that you need to be concerned about with having sex is if sex actually starts to hurt. If it does stop and tell your ob at your next visit. Oral sex is also safe while pregnant but precautions do need to be taken. If air is blown up the vaginal canal it can cross into both the mother and the baby's blood and cause serious problems. Even though sex can be safe while pregnant, I would strongly recommend you talk to your doctor first before starting up sexual relations. In some cases your doctor may recommend you not have sex at all during pregnancy. Usually those cases are for women who have had a history of preterm labor, pregnancy loss, placenta previa or other pregnancy related problems.

Can I Excersise While Pregnant?

Some exercises are safe while you are pregnant but before you start or continue exercising talk to your doctor about what he/she feels is safe for you. He/she may be able to recommend a work out for you or a pregnancy exercise class in your area.


If at any time you don't feel right, you have unusual pain such as menstral cramps, you have a brown or red discharge or you are bleeding like when you have your period, call your doctor A.S.A.P. If you are bleeding and are soaking a pad go the the Emergency Room A.S.A.P! It could be a sign of a miscarriage.



With first pregnancies you usually don't find out you are pregnant until it's a month later and your period hasn't shown up. Hopefully as soon as you found out you were pregnant you called your Obstetrician or doctor.

Most doctors don't like seeing expecting patients until they are at least 8 to 10 weeks along mainly so the cell division process is over by then, baby is starting to look a little bit more like a baby, they can tell your due date by then and many other reasons.

This is what you should expect when you do go into see your doctor for your first prenatal visit:


Urinalysis screening: You basically get this every time you go in for a appointment. All you need to do is pee in a cup provided by the office. If you're like me and have trouble going to the bathroom in public places, I find the easiest way to provide a specimen is to take a pee cup with a top home with me and pee at home in the cup a hour or less before my appointment.

Weight and Blood Pressure: Your weight and blood pressure will be taken at every appointment.

Blood Test: I'm the type of person who really hates having blood taken and like to avoid it as much as possible. Luckily if you have a healthy pregnancy you can expect to have only two blood tests taken during your pregnancy. This first blood test is just to test to see if you may have anemia and to also confirm that you are pregnant and they may test to see if you are immune to other diseases. Make absolutely sure if you have a cat that you tell your doctor or the nurse who is taking the blood. They will not take more blood but with the sample they got they will also test to see if you are immune to toxoplasmosis, which is a disease a cat can carry in its excrements. It is not harmful to others but can be harmful to pregnant women and their unborn baby. Chances are if you've had your cat for a number of years you are immune but your ob will most likely insist on testing. If you do own a cat, its ok to pet and hold the cat but you will need to have someone else handle cleaning the cat's litter box.

PAP Smear: If its been a few months to over a year since you've had your last pap smear, your doctor will do one. Its mainly to detect cervical cancer and is done as a precaution. If you have a yeast infection at the time it can detect that too so it can be treated. Unfortunately yeast infections are common in pregnancy but some women may get lucky and not have a problem with that. If you do by chance get a yeast infection notify your ob and make sure that it is safe for you to use over the counter treatment at this stage in pregnancy.

What To Bring With You To Your Appointment

With your first appointment you will need to have the information on hand of when the first day of your last period was and when you last ovulated, if you know, and how long your cycles usually are. The typical length of a cycle is 28 days but it is common to have 30-40 day cycles, especially if you have just come off birth control pills. Don't worry if you don't know either piece of information. Depending on how your doctor handles things, he/she may end up doing a exam room vaginal ultrasound which will be able to determine by the size of the fetus, how far along you are and precisely when your due date is.

If a vaginal ultrasound is done, it may feel a bit uncomfortable at first but it is only used in the first trimester of pregnancy while the embryo is small. A vaginal ultrasound is done with a long thin probe that will be placed in your birth canal. Your doctor will cover the tip of the probe with a condom and jell so it is not uncomfortable going in. The end of the probe is kind of like a radar that bounces back a signal which places a picture/ outline of the baby on the screen. It may sound kind of odd but its worth having it done when you see your baby on the monitor.

If you have any questions or concerns about your pregnancy, I find it best to write them down on a piece of paper as soon as you think of one and bring the paper in with you at your next appointment so you can talk them over with your doctor. Don't be concerned if you feel like you are asking too many questions or you feel your questions are embarrassing or odd. Your doctor has had many patients and I'm sure has heard them all. Besides your doctor is there to help you as much as possible and make you feel as comfortable as possible about your pregnancy. That's a big part of their job. If your doctor will not spend the time to talk with you or answer your questions then he/she is a horrible doctor and you should find another doctor.

What Should Be Covered At This Appointment

When your doctor comes in to see you he/she should ask you how you feel, if you have any morning sickness. If you do he/she should be able to go over with you ways to get through morning sickness more comfortably. He/she should also go over with you whether you are taking prenatal vitamins. If you are over the age of 30, have had previous miscarriage or problems with previous pregnancies and other concerns, he/she should also address those and how they may effect this pregnancy. If you work, ask your doctor about things you may need to be more concerned about with your work environment. Things such as if you work with any toxic chemicals, what would be the safest way to handle them, if you constantly lift things at work, what would be the safest way to get around handling loads without being in danger. If you have a stressful environment, ask what you can do to relieve the stress.

Unfortunately doctor's either don't have time to cover everything that may or may not happen in your pregnancy or they may forget to mention something minor. That's why if there is something you want to know, either have it written down before your appointment or ask it when it comes to you while you are in the office. A doctor's limited time is also a very good reason why as soon as you find out you are pregnant, you should invest in a few good pregnancy books. What To Expect When You're Expecting is a highly recommending book as well as Having Your Baby. Reading those books will give you answers to questions and cover subjects your doctor may not and most likely will not cover. Its also a great resource to have if you have a concern about your pregnancy and its too late to call the office. I find if I have a concern about my pregnancy such as why I started feeling achy muscles starting my fourth month, I would go to the book first to see if there might be a simple answer and if not that is when I would call my ob's office. If I did find the answer I would mention it at the next appointment though. If you find at some point in your pregnancy you are worried about but the doctor's office has told you not to be concerned, bring it up with your doctor at your next visit. It may not be good to rely on the books more than you rely on your doctor. Look at he books as a great informational resource but know that your doctor is qualified to do more.

At this time you should be seeing your doctor once a month, maybe more if your doctor sees a need for you to. Basically the once a month appointments are to check up on both your health and your baby's health and to answer any questions you have and address any minor problems you may have run into. If you feel you have run into a major problem with your pregnancy, do not wait until your next appointment to address that problem, call your doctor's office as soon as possible. Your doctor's office should have a exchange number you can call when your doctor's office is not open.

Before you leave your doctor's office, ask if they might have a list of free stuff for pregnant women. Some offices may even give you a bag with samples, free offers, information and coupons before you leave as a procedure for first visits. If you're interested, also try asking if your area has a catalog specifically for expectant mothers that gives information such as maternity stores around the area and other places that has offers for expectant mothers. St.Louis Expectant Mothers Guide is an example.

What Does My Baby Look Like Now?

Right now your baby is still too small to really be recognizable as a baby on a ultrasound but is more human looking and less tadpole looking. Right now he/she is about the size of a Jolly Rancher candy. He/she's arms and legs have developed and are starting to develop fingers and toes. The heart is also starting to beat. Right now your baby is still considered a embryo and he/she feeds off a yolk sack until he/she is developed enough to be able to feed off of your nutrients later on in the pregnancy. At this time your uterus has grown a little larger than a clenched fist and is maybe the size of a orange.

Doctor's can usually get a good idea how far along you are, a.k.a. how many weeks you are, by measuring the length of the baby in a ultrasound. Here is a ultrasound from my second pregnancy when the baby measured at six weeks and five days old. The arrow to the left shows were the baby's heart is even though its hard to see. The arrow on the left points to the yolk sack that the baby is feeding off of.

This is a diagram I drew from research of what your body may look like at the second month

These two pictures are diagrams I drew from research of what your baby may look like at 6 weeks of pregnancy and 8 weeks of pregnancy.

By 8 weeks of pregnancy the yolk sac has gone and the baby is feeding from the umbilical cord. The baby's tale has also gone revealing a curved rear.


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