Third Month

10-13 weeks

By the beginning of the third month you should be feeling a little bit pregnant but maybe not much. Unfortunately the first three to four months of pregnancy are the most frustrating. You don't feel very pregnant, you don't look pregnant yet and you may feel like its still hard to believe you are pregnant. The most frustrating thing you may encounter is tightness in clothes but still not looking pregnant. From experience, I can tell you things will most likely get better by the end of the month as far as the feeling of being pregnant goes and dealing with the frustration.


From personal experience I believe that by the end of this month you'll most likely start feeling more pregnant and more confident of your pregnancy than you felt at the beginning of the month.



If it already hasn't happened, as the weeks go by this month you'll energy will most likely start to return and you'll start to feel more and more like you can get regular things done without feeling wiped out easily. Your body is starting to get use to the demands of providing for two.

Breast Changes

By the third month your breasts will most likely start to feel firmer and may have grown a little, if not grown a full cup size. Some women may have their breasts only become firm during pregnancy and not grow while other women may grow a few cup sizes. I have a theory that the reason why some women don't experience breast growth while pregnant is because their breasts may be the right size for what your body needs to produce, and hold breast milk. While other women may not have enough room for production and so the breasts grow to provide what the body needs to produce.


Frequent Urination

Sometime between now and the end of the third month you're body will get use to the hormones produced due to pregnancy and the urge to pee more than often will diminish. That hormone is what mainly causes the urge to urinate a lot during the early months of pregnancy and it also causes morning sickness.

Nausea a.k.a. Morning Sickness

Because of the diminish in the volume of pregnancy hormones produced, if you have morning sickness, chances are by the end of this month it will go away. With others it may stay until the end of the fourth month, a bit longer or will experience it through out the rest of the pregnancy.


If constipation is still a problem, address it with your doctor during your next visit and he/she should be able to give advice on how to get ride of the problem.

Heartburn & Indigestion

Heartburn and indigestion is still common at this time and through out pregnancy. At this time it is caused by pregnancy hormones and can usually be helped by taking TUMS.


Even though most women don't like talking about bodily functions as much as some men do. Excessive flatulence, commonly known as gas, is very common through out pregnancy even though you may not experience it. Don't be embarrassed if you do experience excessive flatulence, others need to understand that at this time hormones are surging through your body including your digestive track and its just something that you can't control.


Headaches are also common during pregnancy which can be caused by your hormones or the excessive blood flow that starts during pregnancy that feeds to your baby. DO NOT take any pain relieving medication without consulting your doctor first.


During pregnancy the shift in hormones can account for a lot of things that happen to you physically. Acne is yet another thing the hormones may cause. DO NOT use any type of Acne medication to get ride of it. My ob, as well as many books such as "What To Expect When You're Expecting" note that acne medication has a history of causing miscarriages.

Exessive Saliva

The second month is usually when you start noticing you are producing excess saliva and maybe drooling on your pillow while you sleep. If this is your first pregnancy you may not notice it at all.


Are you starting to notice you're turning into a emotional mess? Some women go through out pregnancy with hardly a emotional outburst, others cry at just the sight of baby clothes, while some just have the PMS type feeling once in a while but not real often. Just remember as you experience these feelings that it is ok to experience them just as long as you aren't causing any mass destruction :) (joke). Ignore those who give you strange looks when you burst into tears over a adorable baby outfit or when you get aggravated with your husband over walking too fast in the store. Emotional sensitivity is one of the joys of being pregnant and is something you shouldn't be ashamed of. I personally feel that those who do give you strange looks in stores or restaurants obviously have not experienced pregnancy before and have no right to judge. Trust me their time will come to have the same thing happen to them when they or their wife becomes pregnant.

Feelings Of Joy, Fear Or Uncertainty

Chances are by now, because you are further along in your pregnancy, and things seem more real, feelings of fear and/or uncertainty are starting to diminish if not a lot then ever so slightly. If your feelings of fear and uncertainty haven't changed then that's ok too. Pregnancy is a big step in life and it takes more time for others to feel more comfortable with the idea.


Frustration Because You Feel Like You Aren't Pregnant

Even with my second pregnancy, during the third month I felt like I was about to scream because morning sickness was leaving me and I had to keep telling myself I was pregnant in order to really believe it. I can tell you that just like morning sickness, this phase is almost over. If this is your first pregnancy, with in the next two months you should start feeling your stomach harden ever so slightly and you'll start to slowly and gradually feel like you truly are pregnant. If this is your second or more pregnancy than you should start feeling like you are pregnant with in the next month. The best thing to do is keep yourself busy, keep your mind off feeling pregnant and feeling like you really are pregnant should only be a stone throw away.

A Few F.A.Q.


Am I Growing?

If this is not your first pregnancy,you are carrying twins or you are extremely thin, then chances are by the middle or the end of the second month your clothes will start to get a little tight around the waist line. If this is so don't automatically go out and by maternity clothes. Even though you may have that urge to go shopping for the latest maternity wear, it'll still be at least another two to four months before maternity clothes will actually fit and look normal on you. Until then if you are a mainly stay at home type person, it is ok to go out and buy a few pairs of sweat pants and sweat shirts. If possible try to buy them a size too large so you can keep wearing them as you grow and make sure the pants have draw strings on them so you can loosen or tighten them when you need to.

What Do I Do When I Feel Like My Husband Isn't Being Very Supportive Of My Pregnancy?

Before getting pregnant, most women have this dream that once they are pregnant, their husband will be just as excited as you are. Don't feel bad if you all of a sudden find out your husband doesn't show your enthusiasm because you are not alone. Many pregnant women I have talked to are going through the same dilemma, including myself. With my first pregnancy my husband wasn't very supportive at all. Most of the time when I told him my legs were hurting or I felt like I was getting dizzy, he thought I was over reacting. It didn't hit him until I had passed out in a grocery store during my fifth month, that I was not over reacting about feeling weak, and light headed. After that he started getting better and after he felt my daughter kick for the first time was when he started feeling more excited about the pregnancy. I actually had to push him to read What To Expect When You're Expecting so he'd understand what I was going through.

I thought things were going to change with my second pregnancy. I figured since it was something we had planned together, that it would be something we would both be thrilled about. Once I started feeling like I thought I was pregnant, he kept telling me I was imagining things and I wasn't pregnant. It took four positive pregnancy tests to convince him that I was pregnant. Even after that he didn't seem to be excited at all. No matter how I tried to explain to him that my doctor told me that with a second pregnancy, I'd feel more uncomfortable than the first pregnancy and more ligament and muscle pain than the first pregnancy. With my first three months, every time I felt tired, bloated or my stomach muscles hurt a little, he'd think I was over reacting and even asked me if I was going to die, jokingly. I've come to the conclusion that when it comes to pregnancy, men can be clueless and very insensitive.

My husband was unfortunately unable to come with me to my prenatal check ups with my first pregnancy. I made sure he has come with me to every prenatal check up with this pregnancy and I have noticed a difference. He has slowly started to get more and more into the pregnancy. After feeling my son kick for the first time was really when he started to get more supportive of my feelings and more supportive with the pregnancy. So if you feel your husband isn't being too supportive, hand him What To Expect When You're Expecting and drag him along to your prenatal check ups. It may take some time but sooner or later he should come around:)


If at any time you don't feel right, you have unusual pain such as menstral cramps, you have a brown or red discharge or you are bleeding like when you have your period, call your doctor A.S.A.P. If you are bleeding and are soaking a pad go the the Emergency Room A.S.A.P! It could be a sign of a miscarriage.


If you are a person who likes to take hot baths or go into saunas, this is one thing you are going to have to adjust to with your pregnancy. You need to stay away from saunas completely during pregnancy but taking baths are just fine during pregnancy up until your due date but make sure the temperature of the water is luke warm. A hot bath can raise your body temperature which can intern cause harm to your baby. Taking a nice hot shower can be a good alternative for relaxation. Unlike baths, with a shower all of your body is not immersed in water and there is little to no danger of your body temperature rising.

Hopefully by now you have read
Dangerous Things You Should Avoid While Pregnant Including Dangerous Foods And Medication To Avoid . This page will show you what foods to avoid such as Tuna and soft cheeses and what medication to avoid such as over the counter pain medication that is not Tylenol.

What You Should Expect This Prenatal Visit


Urinalysis screening: You basically get this every time you go in for a appointment. All you need to do is pee in a cup provided by the office. If you're like me and have trouble going to the bathroom in public places, I find the easiest way to provide a specimen is to take a pee cup with a top home with me and pee at home in the cup a hour or less before my appointment.

Weight and Blood Pressure:Your weight and blood pressure will be taken at every appointment.

Fetal Heartbeat: If this is not your first pregnancy, the nurse may want to check to see if he/she can hear the baby's heart beat. You will be asked to lay on your back on the exam table, pull your pants down to your hips and raise your shirt. The nurse will squirt a jell like substance on your stomach and what looks like a little microphone hooked up to a box over your lower stomach. This device picks up the baby's heart beat kind of like a ultrasonic microphone. Don't be concerned if the nurse can not find a heart beat. In most cases the heart beat won't really be able to be heard until the 14th to 16th week.

Checking The Size Of The Uterus: A lot of doctors like to start checking the size of the uterus and how it is growing by the third month. The doctor will ask you to lower your pants to your hips and he/she will do a external palpitation and just lightly push around your lower abdomen a little to feel the size of the uterus is.


What To Bring With You To Your Appointment

If you have any questions or concerns about your pregnancy, I find it best to write them down on a piece of paper as soon as you think of one and bring the paper in with you at your next appointment so you can talk them over with your doctor. Don't be concerned if you feel like you are asking too many questions or you feel your questions are embarrassing or odd. Your doctor has had many patients and I'm sure has heard them all. Besides your doctor is there to help you as much as possible and make you feel as comfortable as possible about your pregnancy. That's a big part of their job. If your doctor will not spend the time to talk with you or answer your questions then he/she is a horrible doctor and you should find another doctor.

What Should Be Covered At This Appointment

When your doctor comes in to see you he/she should ask you how you feel. He/she should discuss any previous problems you have encountered so far such as morning sickness and see if anything is helping you. This is also a good time to discuss any new problems or concerns about your pregnancy and find out what can help you.

At this time you should be seeing your doctor once a month, maybe more if your doctor sees a need for you to. Basically the once a month appointments are to check up on both your health and your baby's health and to answer any questions you have and address any minor problems you may have run into. If you feel you have run into a major problem with your pregnancy, do not wait until your next appointment to address that problem, call your doctor's office as soon as possible. Your doctor's office should have a exchange number you can call when your doctor's office is not open.

What Does My Baby Look Like Now?

Right now your uterus has doubled in size. Your baby is now considered a fetus and has lost his/her yolk sac and is feeding of the nutrients from the umbilical cord. His/her heart should be beating 140 to 150 times a minute. If you are lucky to hear your baby's heart beat already, chances are if the heart beat is in the upper 146 to 150's it's a boy, and in the lower 140's to 145 chances are it's a girl. He/she is 2 inches long, about the size of a tube of lipstick and weighs about a ounce. The stomach is producing bile and his/her circulatory and urinary system are starting to work. The urine that he/she produces will be passed into the amniotic fluid which will then be passed through your system. At this time baby's gentiles are fully developed but are too small to pick up on a ultrasound. Other organs are starting to form and function.


Here are three ultrasounds of my daughter when I was 11 weeks pregnant. The picture on the upper left shows her laying on her back and also shows her arms and legs. The picture on the right shows her turned on her side showing her face.

The picture on the bottom shows a closer picture of my daughter laying on her back and you can kind of see her leg bones. Even though each baby developes differently, these pictures are a rough idea of what your baby looks like.

Other Graphics Coming Soon


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